We can’t walk down the street without seeing things that weren’t designed with the final user in mind. Whether it’s the Metro Station ticket kiosk with too many buttons, or the parking meter with unclear instructions, or the restaurant menu with fancy descriptions of the dishes, without giving any clue to what exactly it is you’re eating, there are examples of flubbed usability everywhere.

We focus our gaze on the internet. Most websites were designed by artists and developed by programmers who have no idea how the average person thinks or behaves. We make it our job to find out what the user wants so we can help the designers and developers build a better mousetrap.

We use the following techniques:

  • Usability word cloud imageGuerrilla / Paper-based testing
  • Online, remote, unmoderated testing
  • Heuristic design and interaction review
  • A/B user testing
  • Moderated user testing
  • Eye-tracking
  • Card sorting
  • Reverse card sorting

We understand these terms may not mean anything to you, so feel free to reach out and ask us what we can do to help you keep users on your site longer.